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3 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Reusable Face Mask

The world is currently facing a serious pandemic that has claimed the lives of many. Coronavirus, also referred to as COVID-19, has claimed the lives of over 300,000 people across the globe since the first case was reported in December 2019. It is a highly contagious disease with pneumonia-like symptoms and mostly affects the respiratory system. Coronavirus symptoms include fever, difficulty in breathing, fatigue, and dry cough. The virus can be easily spread through droplets of saliva when one coughs or sneezes.

The world health body, WHO have put out different measures that can help curb the spread of COVID-19. Avoiding public places, washing hands with soap, water, or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer are common preventive measures. Putting on surgical masks or face masks when in public also prevents the spread. There are different types you can put on. You have the option of purchasing disposable or reusable masks.

Reusable masks have proved beneficial during this period. M1 supplies the best reusable face covers. Leading Canada face masks are now available for shipping across the country. Putting on masks that meet the required grade is essential if you want to stay free from the disease. The World Health Organization has listed different grades of covers that can offer protection against the virus. You can also get reusable face masks that meet the required standard. A reusable mask is beneficial compared to the disposable type. Here is why.

Saves You Costs

You are going to save a lot of money on reusable face masks compared to the disposable type. This is because the reusable type can be washed and worn and put on once again compared to the disposable one. You will be required to buy a new one every time you dispose of the one you have. Buy a reusable face mask to cut the expenses.

Saves the Environment

A washable mask can help prevent environmental pollution. Poor disposal methods of dispensable masks have contributed to environmental pollution over the past few days. Reusable masks can be washed and worn once again without damaging their quality. This is good for keeping the environment safe.

Provides Comfort

Most reusable masks are made of fabrics or materials that guarantee your comfort and ensure you breathe easily after wearing them for an extended period. Soft materials used in making them will keep you free from injuries around the nose and other parts of your mouth. How about you purchase reusable masks to enjoy these benefits.

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What Causes Bronchitis?

major causes of bronchitisBronchitis is a disease whereby the tubes that allow the flow of air into the lungs, precisely the bronchi and bronchioles, are inflamed. This inflammation is caused by bodily chemical reactions that cause these organs to swell and redden and are thus painful.

There are two types of Bronchitis. The first is Acute Bronchitis, which is caused by a viral infection, in most cases after one suffers from a cold, flu or a sore throat. The other type of Bronchitis is the Chronic Bronchitis, which is caused by too much phlegm in the airways. Several factors cause this disease. These include viruses, bacteria, smoking and in some cases irritable chemicals.

Major causes of bronchitis


The world’s major cause of bronchitis and specifically Acute Bronchitis is smoking. The bronchial tubes of the lungs are irritated by the tobacco in the cigarettes plus other tobacco substances. Medical professionals say that smokers that live in areas that are exposed to chemical pollution have a higher chance of developing this disease than smokers that live in less polluted areas. It is important to note that non-smokers that live with smokers are also at a risk of developing the disease though the risk level is quite less.

Industrial Pollution

The other cause of this disease is industrial pollution. Research has established that people at the highest risk of contracting the disease are those that work in the coal mining industry, people that handle grains, metal handlers, cement industry workers and generally, people exposed to dust. High Sulfur Dioxide concentration in the atmosphere worsens the symptoms of Chronic Bronchitis sufferers.

Viruses are also known to cause Acute Bronchitis when they attack bronchial tree lining thus causing infection. These viruses are passed on from one person to the other through coughing (generally, the disease is airborne). When the virus attacks, the body fights back. When the body fights back, this causes the bronchi and bronchioles affected to swell.


There is also the production of mucus. This takes time, and it damages the bronchi. Bacteria like Mycoplasma pneumoniae, is known to cause this disease though not as in many cases as in the viral causes. It is very important to note also that in very rare cases, fungi can also cause Bronchitis. In conclusion, it is wise to note that since the elderly, smokers and those exposed to irritants are at the highest risk of developing the disease. With the elderly the risk factor increases due to their immune systems

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