Egg freezing may seem like a new concept, but the truth is the procedure has been around for some period. It’s only until recently that women have taken the bold step and started considering the possibility. Egg freezing is a safe procedure that should be considered without any fear. You can now preserve your fertility with egg freezing. If you are still wondering if the process of egg freezing works, then you should know that it works well. Research has shown that the frozen eggs have up to 90 per cent vitality and they are viable in case you need a child.

Who should consider egg freezing?

Those at risk of infertilityEgg Freezing

Women who have a risk of being infertile are encouraged to consider egg freezing. Such women include those who are undergoing medical procedures that are likely to compromise the quality of eggs. For instance, those who are going through chemotherapy, radiotherapy or want to remove their ovaries may consider egg freezing.

The process of egg freezing will preserve the eggs so that by the time the medical procedure is complete, you have eggs that have not been compromised. The process of freezing keeps your eggs healthy.

Personal reasons

A woman might decide to freeze her eggs for various personal reasons. For instance, if you don’t want to start getting children now, it is now possible to shift it to a later period. The viability of a woman’s eggs is determined by age, so delaying getting of children is likely to compromise the number and quality of the eggs.

With egg freezing, you can be sure that your eggs will remain healthy until the time that you decide to get kids. Some of the reasons that make women postpone getting of kids are to pursue other goals, education or career.

Family histoEgg Freezing ry

Your family medical history will determine if you should consider egg freezing in the first place. If you have a family history of endometriosis, then you should consider retrieving your eggs and freezing them before the problem becomes worse. If you have a family history of early menopause, you should also consider egg freezing before it becomes too late.

Before the process of egg freezing, the doctor will first do the consultation and check your general health. This is to determine if you are in the right physical condition to support the process.