Pitta DoshaWhat is Pitta Dosha?

Ayurvedic medicine takes a holistic approach when comes to health issues. Pitta Dosha has to do with fire and it’s responsible for the metabolism as well as the transformation of the body and the mind. The Pitta Dosha is the one in control of food digestion, the discrimination between what’s right and wrong, and how the sensory perceptions are metabolized.

In an unbalanced pitta dosha support we can see that the vision and digestion may be affected plus the mood may be irritable. Therefore, balancing Pitta Dosha will allow the person to become more open minded and have better health in general.

When support is given to the pitta dosha, you can expect the following health advantages:
– Reduced acne and skin sensitivity

– A more spiritual outlook on life

– Blood free of toxins

– Improved vision

– Healthy metabolism of nutrients

– Reduced inflammation in joints and body

– Less irritable

– More calmed and less angry

– Increase tolerance levels

– Rash elimination

– Stools not loose

– Reduced perfectionist tendencies

– Cooler feeling in the body

– More healthy when missing meals

– Avoidance of acid re-flux and other digestive issues.

There are three main areas a person has to change or include in his life for him to benefit from a healthy Pitta Dosha. These include herbs, diet, and lifestyle changes all based on the three precepts of surrendering, moderation, and cooling off.

Diet (What To Eat and What Not to Eat)

– Foods that are either bitter, astringent, or sweet.- Cool foods (temperature)- Beans of all types- Taking meals at the same time each day- Olive, sunflower, or coconut oils in the diet- Dairy, especially one hour before or after meals- Cool spices such as cilantro and fennel- Avoid: salty and sour foods, chili and peppers, foods in warm temperature, processed food, red meat, caffeine and stimulants.

Herbs to Take:

– Shatavari

– Bacopa

– Triphala

– Amalaki

– Haritaki

– Bibhitaki

Lifestyle Changes:

– Practice surrendering and not wanting to take everything under your control

– Regular routine that includes time for fun, work, relaxation, exercise, etc.

– Moderate exercise regime. Sports that include biking, swimming, and yoga. Exercise when the day is at a cool point and do it at least five days a week.

– Music and scenery that’s both sweet and cooling- Self-massage for 15 minutes before bathing with coconut oil.