Different types of ear mites can invade the ear canals of the dogs and its puppies. Different types of ear mites invade the ear canals of the various pets. The ear mites in dogs have to be diagnosed first before ant treatment can be administered. Many pet owners have asked how to get rid of ear mites in dogs. It is also imperative to note that the ear mites can live in any part of the dog’s body, not necessarily the ear canal.

General information

Transmission of the ear mites

The ear mites that affect pets in homes and especially the dogs are very contagious. They can be passed from the ear mitesbitch to her puppies during bonding or feeding. They are also quickly spread through the other pets like the rabbits, mice, cats, and hamsters just but to mention a few. However, the human beings are not affected by the ear mites.

One of the symptoms of the ear mites is the constant scratching of the ears or shaking of their heads. The frequency or intensity of scratching or shaking their head will depend on the severity of the infestation of the ear mites. If the ear mites’ infestation is severe, the ear canals will bleed either dried or fresh blood.


The dried blood is usually black in color resembling the coffee grounds. In the event you see certain materials have built up inside the ear canal of your pet, it is most probably as a result of the ear mites. However, yeast or bacterial infection could also be the cause of the coffee-like ground substance.

The ear mites in dogs are common and severe, when left unattended to or untreated, they may severely damage the eardrums and ear canals, therefore, leading to a permanent loss of hearing. When the ear mites infest the other body parts of the dogs, the dog will be seen severely scratching these areas.

Managing the ear mites

ear mites Various medications can be used to kill the ear mites. These products contain pyrethrin which is the same substance that is used in the insecticides. Depending on the type of medication used, the ears may have to be treated for up to four weeks to ensure that all the ear mites have been killed.

If the ear mites have affected other areas of the body, they should also be treated with the medication in question.
There are many different medications for the ear mites that come in various forms like shampoos, dips, and sprays just but to mention a few. Since these mites are contagious during the treatment phase, it is important to treat all the pets in the house.