An enema, also known as colonic hydrotherapy, refers to the injection of a liquid through the anus in order to promote evacuation. Enemas are essential for cleaning your colon and are also associated with several other benefits, including relieving constipation. Besides, you can easily and safely perform an enema at home. Listed hereunder are essential tips for doing an enema as elucidated when you click here.

Preparing for the Enema

1. To perform an enema, you will need the following things:preparing for the enema
– A clean enema kit,
– A couple of old towels,
-A tablespoon of olive oil, coconut oil, or almond oil for lubrication,
-A quart of distilled water at body temperature,
2. Look for a comfortable, warm place in which you can perform the enema
Look for a comfortable, warm place, preferably a private bathroom with a heater, to carry out the enema. If your bathroom is not ideal, ensure that the room you are going to use is close to the bathroom. This is because immediately you are through with the enema, you may lose control of your bowels and mess up your room.
3. Assembling the enema kit
Assemble the enema kit by following the instructions that comes with the kit. Essentially, the kit contains:
-A bag to hold the liquid,
-A hook to hang the bag up,
-A plug,
-A rectal tip,
-A hose.
4. Preparing the bathroom
To make your bathroom as comfortable as it can be, fold the towels on the bathroom floor.
5. Lubricating your anus and the enema tube’s insertion tip
Use one of the recommended oils that you have to lubricate your anus and part of the insertion tip on the enema tube.

Step-by- step instructions on how to do an enema

After you are through with the preparation stage, you can now proceed with the enema, using the following step-by-step instructions:
1. Prepare a cleansing enema by mixing lemon juice, Apple cider vinegar, or chamomile tea with water. Ensure the solenemaution is properly diluted.
2. Fill up your enamel bag with the solution,
3. Hang up the bag about 3 feet above your body,
4. Open the clamp to allow the water to flow through the tube until it starts to come out steadily. Don’t allow any air pockets to form in the tube and once you are sure of this, clamp the tube in order to stop the flow.
5. Now lie on your back while your knees are drawn towards your chest. You can also choose to lie on your side if you find it more comfortable with you.
6. Insert the nozzle about 3” into the anus.
7. Release the clamp slowly to allow the water to start flowing into your rectum. Allowing the water to go in too quickly can create the need to evacuate prematurely, which is not ideal for an effective enema.
8. After ensuring you have taken as much water as you can, gently remove the nozzle. You may continue lying on the floor or move to the toilet.
9. After you have retained the water in your colon for a considerable amount of time, you can now sit on the toilet and relax. Remain in that position until you are sure you have expelled everything that you need to discharge. The enema is now complete.
10. Now clean the equipment thoroughly and allow it to air –dry before you can store it away.

The foregoing are the fundamental tips of how to do an enema effectively.