A lot of women are now choosing to freeze their eggs. This gives them the opportunity to have kids when the timing is right. They are not compelled by the biological clock, which dictates they ought to. Egg freezing is a scientific technique that involves removal of a woman’s eggs from ovaries and then freeze and store them in a laboratory. Nowadays, there are several options for egg freezing. This technique is revolutionalizing when and how women can get children. This technology helps women preserve their fertility and course of reproductive health. It leaves women less anxious and feeling empowered.

Benefits of egg freezing

Limited supply of eggs

Every woman is born with a particular number of pregnanteggs. Unfortunately, this number decreases over time as she ages. If you are in your early 20s, your ovarian reserve is the best. This is because they experience pregnancy rates of 25% each month. For those in the 30s, it declines to 15% each month, whereas those in 40s it gets to 5%. Other things that affect woman’s egg supply include premature ovarian failure and early menopause. This technology ensures that you can use your eggs and get biological children.

Egg quality

You should note that egg quality decreases as a woman ages. Thus, conception declines every month. This means that your likelihood of getting eggs with abnormalities increases and your chances of miscarriage too. The good thing about egg freezing is that it allows you to protect the health of your eggs. Moreover, it increases your conception rate in the future.

Career and personal goals

This technology helps women maintain both career and personal goals. Moreover, they can dream of motherhood. The process helps you find a secure relationship, take control of your life, and focus on your career. You will make a choice to become pregnant when you want.

Promising results

Remepregnantmber that you are doing this to ensure you get a most successful outcome. This technology of thawing, implanting, inseminating, and thawing has been available for several years.

How they are frozen

A process known as vitrification is used to freeze your eggs. It requires that the eggs be instantly frozen after they are removed from the body. After this, they undergo the stabilization process before being placed in the liquid nitrogen vapor. The other method used is called as slow freezing. In this approach, no cryoprotectants are used. With this technology, you are free to delay pregnancy until you are ready.