How Lifestyle Change Affect Hypertension

Lifestyle change is vital in preventing and treating hypertension. You have to adjust your usual routine and spend more time finding ways to have a healthy lifestyle. Results can be evident in just a few weeks. It’s also a great idea to discuss with your doctor first if you have plans to control your hypertension without the aid of medications. Is it possible to fight hypertension without drinking pills?

Sweat Off Extra Pounds

Bsweateing overweight may disrupt your sleep by blocking up your airway. This leads to obstructive sleep apnea and putting your body in a stressful state. Stress is equal to hypertension.

Consistent physical activity can effectively lower your blood pressure. You can explore different exercises, like running, jogging, and swimming. A visit to your doctor may be needed when starting an exercise plan. You may undergo cardiac rehabilitation first to try different exercises while connected to a cardiac monitor. This will help your doctor know up to what extent you can do for your physical activity.

Changes In Diet


The recommended diet for people with hypertension is low salt, low-fat diet.

According to studies, where salt goes, water follows. Increase in salt lead to an increase in blood volume, thus raising your blood pressure as well. Control of salt intake could also help keep your kidneys working well.

A low-fat diet, as we all know, could also prevent and control your hypertension. Research shows that when weight increases, blood pressure increase as well. The build-up of fat deposit in our blood vessels narrows its diameter, thus adding pressure to our blood vessels. This, in turn, leads to hypertension. Fat deposits can also block your coronary arteries and can lead to cardiovascular disease.

Consume Less Alcohol

Alcohol can significantly affect your weight gain and further cause hypertension. It can also interfere with anti-hypertensive medications and make it less potent. For alcoholic drinkers, a sudden stop in drinking alcohol can cause rebound hypertension for several days.

Stop Smokingcigarette

A cigarette contains nicotine. This nicotine is responsible for putting stress on your heart and blood vessels. It increases your blood pressure, hardens the walls of your arteries, and increases your heart rate. This domino effect makes it easier for your blood to clot. Also, prolonged periods increased blood pressure can actually damage the lining of the artery. Damage in the artery signals the body to send cells designed for clotting. When a clot forms, it decreases your oxygen supply on the blocked area. All these can prevent heart attack and stroke significantly.

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reading what is in the food

Some of the Less-Known Health Benefits of Carrageenan

If you are the shopper who takes time to look at the ingredients from what you buy, you might have come across carrageenan. This popular extract from seaweed is present in several foods consumed today. It has a unique thickening ability that matches starch and flour. Sometimes it is likened to the gravy. Carrageenan may be used to separate almond milk through improving texture. It binds ingredients together improving their texture. Also, carrageenan is used when making ice creams to prevent the formation of ice crystals. Foods low in fat such as yogurt end up tasting equally good as the fatty versions. Carrageenan is also present in infant formula where it helps babies get the right nutrients required.

When it comes to nutrition, carrageenan is neutral. Being dominantly fiber based it is quite indigestible to the human body. Thus, it enhances your food without adversely affecting your diet. New research that has emerged shows that the seaweed extract enhances your food without adversely affecting your diet. New research shows that carrageenan lacks minerals and vitamins. There are other health benefits apart from minerals and vitamins that are associated with this seaweed extract. Here are some unrecognized health benefits associated with this food additive.

Improving gut health

good healthResults from this study reveal several prebiotic effects linked to carrageenan consumption. This additive can influence the development of beneficial microbial communities present in your digestive tract. This eventually leads to improved immune responses and enhanced gut health. Another study shows how carrageenan protects your inner intestinal lining from undergoing corrosion by alcohol. This safeguards you from stomach ulcers.

An antioxidant

Recent studies show how carrageenan exhibits antioxidant activity, effectively neutralizing free radicals which can be harmful when unchecked. The free radicals are repeatedly linked to several different health issues. For instance, eye disease, diabetes, cancer and Parkinson’s disease. Therefore, carrageenan’s antioxidant capabilities are highly touted.

Reduced cholesterol

An accumulation of bad cholesterol results in atherosclerosis. This increases your likelihood of suffering from strokes or heart attacks. A study carried out on the effects of cholesterol related effects indicate that a regular carrageenan diet results in lipid eyes and lower levels of blood cholesterol. Another study that supports these findings points out that carrageenan can also be used to prevent atherosclerosis; a cardiovascular disease.

Flu and cold treatment

good for coldsThere are millions of common cold cases reported annually. In adults, it occurs twice or thrice, while in children the figure is much higher. Despite the inconvenience of the flu most people have come to accept it as a normal occurrence. Recent studies carried out by Austria associate carrageenan with antiviral properties. Some of these properties make it valued as a food thickener and an effective treatment to nasal sprays.

Studies show that carrageenan gel can interact with viruses preventing their attraction to the nasal walls curbing their propagation. Another study finds that carrageenan nasal sprays are effective in the treatment of influenza, even right after infection. The study is promising as carrageenan Healthy attributes seem to work regardless of the cold virus.

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Tips to keep your eyes health this winter

Autumn is fading out, and we welcome the cold, dark days of the winter. You probably know how to wrap yourself well to keep your body warm in the winter. Unfortunately, most people forget to take care of their eyes. This is because they do not know that harsh weather conditions are likely to affect them. The following are tips to take care of your eyes in the winter.

Protect your eyes

Protect against the sun

protect against the sunIt is possible you have set aside your sunglasses awaiting next summer. The truth is that your sunglasses should be worn throughout the year. Ice and snow reflect the UV rays from the sun. Thus, whether you are driving around, skiing, or walking, you will be exposed to harmful UV rays. This puts you at risk of certain diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration. The glare that is caused by the sun on icy roads can make it quite difficult to see. Thus, you should have a pair of sunglasses. Ensure you undertake routine checks with an eye doctor to keep your sunglasses and glasses up to date.


During the winter season, the humidity drops and the air is dryer as compared to other seasons. The dryness can make the eyes dry. This can be risky if you are suffering from another eye disease. You can combat the dry air by installing a humidifier in the home.

Keep hydrated

girlEven slight dehydration is likely to impact on the dryness of eyes. The cold you feel during the winter months can change your thirst cycle. Thus, central heating is likely to make your eyes drier. It is advisable to increase fluid intake by drinking soup, water, and decaffeinated teas. Also, you should increase your intake of vegetables and fruits with high-water content.

Watering eyes

A lot of people during winter months do suffer from the watering eyes. This may be as a result of windy and cold environment. It is advisable to put on protective glasses. It can also be a sign of infection or have a blocked tear duct. If you have such concerns, you should seek an appointment at the market mall optometry.

During the winter months, you will experience less natural light that can make activities such as writing and reading difficult. It is likely to cause eyestrain that can make the eyes feel tired.

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The Advantages of Using the Rowing Machines to Your Health

The development of a rowing machine has come with several health benefits to households today is as far as exercise is concerned. Physical fitness is not only good for sportsmen and women but also to every individual for the sake of good health. The lifestyle that we live today makes it difficult for our bodies to be fit without using an exercise machine to get rid of excess calories we accumulate each day. Click here to see the benefits of using the rowing machines. Most of the customers as well as the physical workout experts who have used the rowing machine have cited different health benefits that it brings.



canoeIt is always difficult to get one device that can enable you to use different ways targeting varied elements of your fitness and realize maximum results from your workouts. Well, the rowing machine has this capacity. When using this exercise appliance, you can improve your basic aerobic fitness by doing long and easy-paced rows as well as increase top-end fitness by doing shorter and fast-paced rows. You can enhance anaerobic fitness by doing interval training as well as promote fat burning and improve all round conditioning by combining rowing with bodyweight exercises. Moreover, you can engage in mock races two thousand meters against the clock and time trials. It implies that doing an exercise using the rowing machine is much fun because you can try out new and different ways to attain the desired results.

Fast results

Whenever you are working out to get rid of too much fat, participate in sports, or eliminate a condition in your body, you would be more concerned about time efficiency. The rowing machine can give you this result in the shortest time possible because you can get a substantially effective workout in no time. Since the exercise device engages virtually every muscle in your body, it puts an extensive workload on your circulatory, heart, and lung systems. In less than twenty minutes, you can engage both your cardiovascular system and your significant musculature. Therefore, the rowing machine is the greatest exercise option for those who do not have more time to carry out their workouts because they get the most from their workouts in a short period.

Applicability in the household

canoeSince you can use the rowing machine both indoors and outside the house, it is ideal for every member of the family. It does not matter the age or the fitness level of any member of the household; they can use for exercise to make them fit. Therefore, another health advantage of this workout device is that it can keep all your family members fit and keeping illness and doctors away.

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