Kratom is normally classified by the geographical location they are harvested from. Different regions will infer on the Kratom plants grown varying alkaloid levels which in turn determine the individual properties of each strain. Find kratom for sale online. Another classification is based on the different color of the veins within their leaves.

Strains of Kratom and their reported benefits


Bali kratom is often cited as the most effective relaxant of all the strains. This is known to encourage a soothing, andĀ calming effect on the mind and body, and any anxiety the user is feeling is said to melt away soon.


Another strain which is known for relieving anxiety and stress while also having pain relieving properties.


If the need to eliminate anxiety for relaxation exists, then the Indonesian strain is known for these properties. On a more practical level, it has been used successfully to help heroin addicts recover by reducing the impact of the withdrawals symptoms they experience.


This strain is used as a stimulant to improve concentration and attention span. Depending on how it is mixed with other strains it can conversely help relaxation but not to the degree that one might feel drowsy.

Meng Da

Originating from Thailand this strain of Kratom is one of the most popular and widely used. It is a popular due to its capacity for boosting energy and helping to lift moods. It is very potent therefore the dosage required is low to creates these benefits. At its higher potency, it can be a very effective pain killer.


This is another energizer strain to stimulate body and mind. It is also used to give relief from pain. This is one of more affordable strains in comparison to some others.

Red Veinkratom

One of the most popular within the Kratom community due to some attributes. It can relieve pain, reduce stress levels and acts as a relaxant. Its popularity is also influenced by the lack of any side effects.

White Vein

If a boost of energy or lift out of depression is needed, then white vein kratoms are the answer. Their effect is known to last all day with the bonus of increased focus and alertness.

Green Vein

These tend to have milder effects than either the red or white vein options, but they are still very effective in lifting moods and giving pain relief. There are many positive effects from each Kratom strain but before taking please seek advice from your physician especially if taking any other medication.