Hot stone massage is a special type of massage that is done using hot stones that are placed on various parts of the body. The hot stone massage in santa monica offers the same therapeutic benefits that you are likely to get from hands massage therapy. Hot stone massage therapy has, even more, benefits that you are not likely to get from the regular type of massage. You will realize that most of the massage therapy is offered in beauty spas for relaxation and luxury purposes. However hot stone massage still has other health benefits to improve your general well-being.

Reasons to get hot stone massage therapy in santa monica

Relaxation and better sleep

If you are getting problems with sleep, then you need a hot stone massage to help you sleep better. The hot stones will help in better blood circulation and encourage relaxation of muscles in the body. By reducing muscle tension and better flow of blood, you can sleep better. Getting quality sleep is important in improving the overall quality of life. The hot stone have the power to help the relieve tension in the muscle.


Managing chronic pain

People living with chronic pain can benefit a lot of from hot stone massage. The hot stone are strategically placed in various parts of the body that are experiencing pain to help in pain management. To ease the pain, the hot stones encourage the flow of blood to the affected area. By supplying oxygenated blood to the affected area, this acts as a good way to manage pain in the long run.

Reduce stress and tension

Stress and tension occur when we go through overwhelming situations. It is impossible to avoid stress because most of the time stress is controlled by the surrounding environment and not us. However, stress can be controlled and managed through massage. When the body is stressed, the result is felt physical in the form of headaches and muscle pain. Hot stone massage is used to manage the symptoms of stress by easing pain and tension.

reduce stress and tension

Good for cancer patients

The cancer treatment process puts a toll on the body, the process of medication and chemotherapy leaves the body weak. At this time, it is advisable to look for something that will help in restoring strength in the body. Hot stone massage is recommended for cancer patients to help in relaxation and also boosting the immune system.