Keeping fit has become very important nowadays. However, staying in shape is not an easy task. So much time and hard work are needed if at all you want to meet your targets. A rowing machine is a good to have at home since it offers full-body workouts. With just one motion, a good rowing machine can work your upper body, lower body, and abdominal muscles. If used regularly, this machine has a variety of health benefits.

The rowing machine benefits include increased muscle strength and weight loss. This article is meant to show the readers what to look for in the best rowing machine so that no mistakes are made in any way.

What to look for

1. Comfort and adjustability

The best rowers offer very high levels of comfort to users. They have comfortable seats, good foot pads and can be adjusted in various ways. The user should be able to move around and feel at ease all the time while using this machine.

rowing machine

2. Resistance

Most rowing machines are similar in terms of design. The variation comes in where resistance is involved. It is very important since it dictates how the machine moves. There are different types of resistance, and each of them has its unique feel and benefits. As a user, all of them should be put in consideration. They include water resistance, air resistance, magnetic resistance and hydraulic resistance.

Hydraulic and magnetic resistance is perfect for people who want a full body work out and are not doing rowing as a sport. Hydraulic machine rowers save so much space while the magnetic machine rowers make very minimal noise. For people who are training for rowing competitions, air and water resistant machines are the best. Air resistant machines offer exercises that are aggressive while water resistant machines offer makes the user get a true rowing experience.

3. Price

Just like any other product in the market, for a rowing machine, the better it is the higher its price. Rowing machines that are usually highly priced are made in such a way that they can take a lot of use and serve the user for a very long time. On the other hand, cheaper ones are easily accessible, but they will need more maintenance or servicing. Some rowing machines have added features like display of the average calories burnt during a session and heart rate monitor. You will have to pay more for a machine that all these features.


exerciseThis article should act as a stepping stone for people who are interested in purchasing a rowing machine. The fact that it contains what to look for in the best rowing machine means readers will be able to tell which machine is ideal for them in all ways.